“Art has been tucked in my back pocket whenever I need a whispering of empowerment.”

Hope Anne creates work that truly puts your mind in a world outside this one. Hope’s Instagram bio reads: “student of life”, but, through art, Hope teaches us about life too.

T&P interviewed Hope for Anti-Standard no. 5. Now take a break from the same old Instagram ~content~ and take a look into Hope’s mind!!

Q. Describe your art using a word, a phrase, or a poem.

A. Intuitive or meditative

Q. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

A. I draw inspiration from little moments in life, the people I love and excessive daydreaming.., sometimes paintings come straight from my feelings without interruption of thought, where others  have come from a vision I received when I glanced at a birdbath or something mundane; my inner romantic gets restless accepting mundane life for too long so I often try to envision my own surreal world within those lines

Q. Where has art been for you in your life when you needed it most?

A. Art has been tucked in my back pocket whenever I need a whispering of empowerment. It reminds me why I’m alive, how that feels and why we’re all alive, as we are all fundamentally creating every day. Subconsciously or consciously.

Q. Which medium of art are you most drawn to? Do you believe artists should primarily focus on one medium, or explore them all?

A. It depends on the artist, but no doubt exploring multiple mediums will always be fulfilling for growth. I’m restless, messy, and impulsive so I don’t think I could ever contain myself to one medium. I tend to paint, but I always want to add a 3D element to my paintings, and also have an infatuation with photography and film, which I’m hoping to do more in my next chapter of learning (:

Q. If you could go anywhere in the world right now to work on your art, where would you go and why?

A. Probably in the deep wood of Ireland since natural sounds foster my ability to go inward and draw from a river that spews in there. In myself I mean. Haha, I really resonate with the folklore of Ireland too.

Q. Did your childhood influence the artist you are today?

A. For sure! My mom is a closeted artist, and my dad is a drummer, 

so my family has always been very nurturing in that aspect. My upbringing, however, had been spotted with physical illness and mental illness that has allowed me to understand the depths of the psyche and how it relates to the body, as well as the spiritual

aspects of healing in both of those. Harnessing the creative potential within all of that has been a journey, both frustrating and awakening, and not only for me but my sister and my parents as well.

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*all imagery credit goes to Hope Anne*

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September 14, 2018

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