2017 was a really good year for me, says Riley Halliday, a 19-year-old photographer (she also said something about puppets…honestly I don’t know) who is in absolutely no way affiliated with the platform.

We interviewed Riley for our anti-standard series, she praised the platform and begged that we interview her, the whole interaction was too pathetic to say no to.

Below is the interview as recorded:

R: Ya 2017 was a great year for me, I tried really hard. Then people started saying the word “networking” like…every day, and I embarrass myself a lot. I also make memes sometimes, it helps to avoid dealing with real emotions. I usually eat the same three meals, and my hair is pretty fried from heat and dye damage, but I look cool and only one of my piercings is infected now, so I’m doing really great.

T&P: Ok, we actually haven’t asked you a question yet, but anyway, tell us about your recent photography, what happened?

R: Ya so photography has always been my passion, ever since I got an Instagram, I decided I wanted to be a photographer. I fell into a bit of a rut in the past few months, but luckily I found this old, SLR camera I have and I just turn on flash and snap a few quick pics of things around my house. I’m usually home all day, I commute to school, so I’m shunned by the rest of my classmates, but luckily I have my childhood bedroom full of knick-knacks I blew my entire minimum wage paycheck on. It’s comforting knowing that, despite it all, I’ll always have my collection of wooden houses from Savers.

T&P: Ok. That’s a lot of information, honestly more than we wanted to know. What are your plans for the future?

R: For the future I hope to get my online magazine and YouTube channel Prints and Thrifts off the ground and running. I hope to complete my degree in film&video and use that to build a tiny house and vlog my travels around America. I will probably always do photography, as long as Instagram’s around. I only do art for the clout, I was forced into art, I’ve always wanted to be a dentist. My parents suck my life sucks, but luckily I have these flash photography selfies to show for myself.

T&P: Alright.


February 9, 2019


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