There are specific kinds of people who are writers. The kind of people that quite literally spend their days absorbing the world and their nights pouring their souls onto paper, or their computers…and well…anything that can be written with or on. Juls Lavi is that specific kind of person. Juls, for Anti-Standard #8, shares the rebellion that is writing, the healer that is writing.

“I just hope people can read what I’ve written and feel like they have something to think about for a while, I hope it sticks with them”

T&P: When you think of writing, the process of or the finished outcome, what is the overwhelming feeling associated with it?

J: Typically my best writing is born in moments of pure distress. I have yet to start a piece with intentions of showing it to the world. I would have to say the feeling I have is a sort of realization with my finished work when I go back and read something I’ve written I’m able to fully understand my thoughts.

T&P: When did you begin writing?

J: I’ve been writing since I was much younger! I would write short stories (most unfinished) and my teacher would read them aloud to the class in elementary school. I’ve always had a love for journals, too. I think I began developing my own “voice”, per say, in the past 2 years. This all may still change as I’m still young!

T&P: Do other art forms influence your work?

J: Definitely, I love all forms of art and I believe art has truly shaped me as a person. One of my favorite artists is Barbara Kruger. Her work is amazing and reminds me that using my voice can break down barriers.

T&P: Where is your ideal space to write? What does your dream writing space look like?

J: I will write anywhere that I start to feel overwhelmed or anxious. Whether it be a packed train, or alone on the couch. My idea of a perfect writing place is somewhere in solitude where I can have time and space to process my thoughts, preferably while it’s raining.

T&P: Tell us what you believe about the power and importance of words and how we use them in society?

J: I think words are the core of society. Everything is based on writing, theories, and ideas. Words define a person, they base judgments, and they create movements.

T&P: How does your personal life affect your work?   

J: I’m a high school student trying to graduate early while going through mental health “inconveniences” so while it gives me a lot to write about, I have little time and energy to really sit down and get into a headspace where I’m capable of focusing on myself and my emotions enough to work on something. Hopefully, soon I’ll be able to do so more frequently.

T&P: If you could offer one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

J: Life waits for no one, it chooses when to be difficult, so get out of bed while you still can. I would tell myself to worry less and try to care for myself more carefully. I still tell myself these things every day.

T&P: Big writing goals, where do you see writing taking you?

J: I honestly have no idea at all! I just want to make people feel less alone. I just hope people can read what I’ve written and feel like they have something to think about for a while, I hope it sticks with them.

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October 29, 2018

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