Valentine’s Day is up there with the lame holidays, which includes Saint Patrick’s day and Easter, but anything can be fun with makeup. Last year I did a pretty boring set of three makeup looks to celebrate the holiday. This year i’m doing something a little more fun and a little more me. Of course I couldn’t help but make it a little 70’s too. 

First, I primed my eyelids with Essence ‘I love Stage’ eyeshadow base.

Next I put ‘sin’ from the original Naked Palette (I know so old) on my entire eyelid.

I then took this burgundy shade and applied it in a v-shape in the outer corner of my eyelids. This palette is from T.J. Maxx and it’s called “Natural”. I’m not sure which brand it’s from, but any burgundy shade would work.

I took this sparkly auburn shade from the ‘Little Palette’ by Morphe and dabbed it on top of the previous shade. I also used this shade to line my waterline.

Next, I went in with ‘Hustle’ from the Naked I palette to darken up the V-shape I had previously created.

Since I felt the red wasn’t pigmented enough from the Naturals palette, I applied this shade from the bh cosmetics 120 color palette.

Apply your favorite mascara. This one is Stellar Gaze from Pacifica and I 100% recommend it. For a little extra, add fake lashes on top. I applied fake lashes for the final look, but forgot to photograph them before I applied them.

Lastly, embellish the V-shape and your tear-ducts using sequins. Attach with either hairspray or lash glue.

And you’re done! I hope by the time you read this, you understand Valentine’s day is a stupid Hallmark holiday; loving yourself is more important than shitty chocolate and bad movies, trust me. Do your makeup, watch good movies, and make more art!!




February 11, 2017

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