Decided to do a fun little post today due to some late night Sunday inspiration, or procrastinating taking history notes, whatever you want to call it.

Since I just recently created a 60’s inspired makeup look, why not do a 70’s look. This time I have included hair, makeup, and an outfit.

The dress pictured is from Charlotte Rousse, which I purchased for a whopping 10 dollars, honestly my wallet is still recovering from the splurge. The bell shaped sleeves and keyhole neck give this dress a very 70s vibe. I bought these shoes quite a long time ago at Target. When recreating this look, any brown, wooden, and chunky shoe will work. The word chunky makes me a little uncomfortable considering my first ever blog was infamously titled “Chunky Funky Monkeys”, but it’s important to do things that make you uncomfortable in life. IMG_6463

I’m sure my makeup is boring you to death, as I seem to stick with the same products, but you cannot go wrong with drug store foundations and this adorable pressed powder. I do apologize that the brand of said powder is unknown, once I figure that out I’ll be sure to let you guys know. Not pictured is my Anastasia Brow gel (in the shade chocolate), as I’m sure we all know that’s the only brow gel I use.

When recreating a 1970s makeup look, keep the eyes bright and the lips light. Rather than lipstick, I used this smash box lipgloss in the shade Illume. I received this for Christmas years ago and now finally have put it to use. The brows are thin and refined, and the eyeliner looks much like the 60s style.

Friendly reminder from the cheapest girl ever, you do not need to go into debt because of makeup. I purchased this Milani eyeshadow for $1.00. Trust me, the Dollar Tree is basically heaven on Earth, I highly recommend investing some time at the dollar tree.

The eyeliner I used for this looking is my trusty NYX liquid liner. For this look, start from the in corner of your eye and work your way to the outer edge using a thin line. Apply any mascara of your choosing, or even apply flash lashes for a bolder look.

Keep the overall look matte and fresh. The emphasis should be on your bold eyeshadow. I chose blue, but green, orange, or pink would work as well.


Braids felt very 70s to me. I put my hair into two fishtail braids and left quite a bit of hair at the bottom. If you have bangs, leaving them straight, parting them, or curling them out to the sides are all options that stay true to the time.

Enjoy this fun look and get ready for a little thrift store haul.


April 12, 2016

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