How un-vegan of me to reference honey in my title. Over the summer I start getting a little more creative with my makeup looks, as I tone down the drama during the school year. As I’ve been watching YouTube videos in mass amounts, I figured why not create my own look? So, before I ramble on, here is my cruelty free summer look.

honey10First I started off with my face. Glamoflauge concealer is my favorite for covering my under eye circles and blemishes, this is from the brand Hardcandy and can be found at your good old, local Walmart. I decided to splurge on a good foundation, my face is happy…but my wallet not so much. This is the hybrid gel foundation in the shade light sand. I picked this up at Ulta. The foundation is a little dark for my complexion but I’m hoping to get at least a LITTLE color this summer. I highly recommend this foundation, it’s hydrating, smooth, and of course cruelty free.

honey6For my brows, I used my trusty Anastasia pomade in the shade Chocolate. I also achieved my freckles with the same product. Freckles have been very “in” in the past couple months and I think they are perfect for any summer look. I recently purchased BS-MALL brushes on Amazon. I definitely recommend these brushes for those you love doing their makeup for fun and nothing professional. The brushes are dense, durable, and best of all, cheap.

honey9I wanted to keep my cheeks light and soft. To do so, I used the light pink shade in the top left corner of this fantastically pigmented ELF palette which can be found at Target, or CVS.

honey11You can’t have a summer look without a little glow, this Wet n Wild palette is my absolute favorite for a subtle highlight. I usually take a dense, angled brush and swipe it horizontally across the palette. For this look, however, I used the first and last of the “stripes” and dusted the highlight over my cheekbones.

honey3For eyes, I began with coating my whole lid with the Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in the shade Glow. Next, I took the orange color in my palette from Style Essentials (sold at TJ Maxx) and blended it into my crease. These colors are not super pigmented, so I sprayed a little setting spray (water also works) to achieve the bold, orange look.

honey4For the pop of yellow underneath my eyes, I chose the yellow color to the left of the sunflower petal. This palette resembles Morphe’s infamous palettes, however my sister picked it up on Amazon. I apologize, I don’t know the name of this one 🙁

honey5Let’s TALK about this mascara I came across at TJ Maxx. I of course am a sucker for cute packaging, not to mention mascara that only costs $3.99! I’m not only in love with the way it looks, but also the quality, seriously this stuff is great. Of course I used my NYX black liquid liner for my wings, because what else would I use?

honey7To bring my lash game to the next level, I applied these false lashes, which again were purchased on Amazon. I cut one set in half to use on both eyes, as I find the full lashes to be too long. I use Ardell lash glue to apply all my fake lashes. If you’re interested in finding some more cruelty free lash brands then check out this link!

honey1And the look is complete! I topped it all off with Milani lipstick and ELF lipgloss, any earthy or nude shade would make the eyeshadows pop, or even go for a crazy orange. Before I end this post, I’d like to thank you all for viewing my food for thought  post which got the most views out of any post on here. I hope it made some people think. I’m thinking of doing a follow up post with more facts and links, or even some vegan recipes. Always remember, what you put into the world is what you get out of it.

July 4, 2016

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