My eyes have been glued to the screen for the past DECADE I’ve been blogging (ok that’s a lie I took a solid break from about 6th grade to Sophomore year of High school), and it’s time for a change.

I’ve been really loving connecting with people online and interviewing artists, and as I continue to push for more accessible art, I realized people really enjoy seeing art in their hands rather than on screen.

After much internal debate and a summer full of realizing changes I need to make, I am finally ready and VERY happy to announce I am now taking submissions for the first Thrifts and Prints zine. Here is all you need to know:

Submissions due: October 8th, 2018

Theme: “Reeks of Home Video” a zine celebrating the photographs you’ve taken on not-so-great cameras that happened to turn out pretty-damn-great. 

Cameras accepted: SLR, Polaroid, Fuji-Film, point and shoot analog, smartphone. I also am accepting stills from home movies that you find interesting or important to your story as an artist.


Minimum is one picture, maximum is five (unless you really convince me!!)

I will accept all submissions as long as you attach your name and give your piece(s) a thoughtful title. Tell me what camera you used (do not have to reveal a specific brand or model,  just the style of the camera).

No requirements for what the images portray however I hope as artists you’re being conscious of how your work is perceived and the story it is telling. 


Please email me all the images and the above-mentioned information.

How to reach me:


Go to my @thriftsandprints IG page. Click the email button and it will bring you to the address

If you are having trouble just dm me on Instagram (@thriftsandprints). I’m not scary and would love to answer any questions!!



August 5, 2018


So glad to see you taking risks and exploring all paths to happiness and fulfillment! Only way to do the journey. Breathe in AND out.

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