First and foremost, I want to know what a “lifestyle blog” is. If you’ve never heard of them, I’ll give you a rundown on what they look like. Lifestyle blogs are blogs created around a very specific lifestyle that only a small percentage of people have. Like traveling to the world because you own a camera and a blog that gets traffic. Lifestyle is just the wrong word for it.

My problem isn’t with the bloggers themselves, but the way they are idolized by people who think they could never have a life like that.

First of all, blogging in that style is telling people you “like” a bunch of products that no one really buys. That’s how you get the money to go to Rome, Paris, the Bahamas, what have you. It’s just lying and honestly wasting a bunch of products.

Lifestyle blogs are really great about promoting products that just do no good for the world. Side note: I am SHOCKED by the number of fashion blogs (even my go-to cool blogs) that STILL support clothing companies who exploit their works.  ZARA IS “AFFORDABLE” BUT THE CLOTHES SOLD THERE ARE BORN FROM ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE.

In terms of expressing individuality, and using the platform to promote positive change in the fashion world, lifestyle blogs are really lacking.

Luckily I think Lifestyle Blogs are slowly coming to an end. They were really invented by thirty-something-year-olds who figured out the social media algorithm and were able to get huge followings.

I think blogs and magazines and fashion sites are slowly venturing back to cool, intimate spaces. Also, don’t waste your time idolizing other people, especially people that can do what YOU can do. Anyone can make a blog, I typed this while I made breakfast. The world is yours, go out and make it cooler.

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June 19, 2018

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