And it was then I realized

the thing that terrified me the most

was myself

Recently I have finished up a photography series I titled “Facing Fears”. I’d had this concept in mind for a while now, I just never sat down and actually did anything with my ideas. I often find myself doing this, having these ideas that I can’t stop thinking about but never do anything with, they just kind of float around in my head making me go crazy.

Photography is something I’ve been doing for a couple years, I’m not going to sit here and say I “was born to do it” or “I’ve always needed a camera in my hand”, because in reality I never had any “passions” before I found photography two years ago; when I found that everything else took off.

Going back to being “born to do something” I would never say anyone’s born to do everything. People are born to live, but it’s HOW you live and how hard you work for this so called living, that shapes you into the person you are.

Ultimately, this is the first series I’ve ever been proud of, and I believe it is my right to be able to say that without appearing conceited. It has taken me a very long time to feel this sure of not only my photography, but myself as well.

Anyways, I am going off on a tangent once again, so here is Facing Fears.

My inspiration came from multiple places. I was originally inspired to focus  on portrait photography more than I have ever when I watched a documentary on Richard Avedon. What truly inspired me about his work was two things, one being his confidence in it, and the second being his use of portraits to convey emotion.

Emotion was the trigger for this project, I wanted each picture to come with a feeling in that cannot simply be put into words, but must be looked at. I researched a lot of obscure fears in search of the ones that I believed would be captured the best in a photograph. While doing this project, I thought about what scared me the most. I’ve never been scared of anything tangible, for instance heights don’t bother me just as much as needles don’t, but what I’m scared of most is the unknown. In other words I’m terrified of never being able to complete all the things I want to in life. Obviously this is a common fear, but one I discovered impacted me greatly while completing this project.

Of course I could not resist writing a few words to go along with them as well, I will be posting the writing pieces individually in order to prevent this post from being a novel. I did type out all the poems and short stories on a typewriter as well. I adore my typewriter and take every opportunity to use it, I felt as if typing these out gave them more meaning in a way. There’s something much more interesting about the uneven typewriter ink compared to the mechanical finish from a printer.

Before I show these pictures I’d like to mention all were taken in my garage. Moral of the story is that you don’t need fancy equipment or even a studio to take pictures. With the right lighting and background you can create any image you want. If you are in need of some photography backdrop DIYs, then check out Pinterest! If anyone’s interested, the camera I have is the poster-camera for the basic YouTube bitch, yes I have the Canon Rebel T3i. I most often use the Sigma Art lens as well. When deciding on how much you want to break the bank on cameras, focus more on the lenses available rather than the body. The rebel is definitely not as technologically advanced as say the 6D, but when paired with higher quality lenses, you can achieve close to identical results.

Currently my final display is hanging up in my school, I do have a picture of the final layout, but the quality is very poor so I’m afraid I won’t post it on here. And now i will shut up and show you Facing Fears:


Cacophobia: The fear of ugliness or being ugly JuniorCapstone1 copy copy

Xanthophobia: The fear of the color yellow juniorcapstone16 copy

Anthophobia-The fear of flowers juniorcapstone12

Melissophobia: The fear of beesjuniorcapstone2-2

Allodoxaphobia: The fear of opinions

Also, I’d like to thank you guys for my increase in views lately, never would I have imagined having the desire to sit down and pour my life out on this screen. I truly, truly thank you.


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February 10, 2016

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