As I have been spending a lot of time this summer watching spoken words, experimenting with makeup, and writing, I, shockingly, decided to write a spoken word on makeup. Girl power and the feminist movement are very important to who I am as a person. Although feminism gets a bad rap (is that even a saying, my parents have convinced me its rap not rep) so do most influential and important movements. I see a lot of women lately ditching the makeup and tossing the razors, loving your body as a women hasn’t been simple given the history of trying to shove us into a perfect girl that seems to change every 10 years or so. I am so amazed by the mass about of women in recent years who have given good old society a big fuck you. The only person who should ever determine your beauty is yourself, case closed.

With that being said, often times women talk about how we’re pretty much keeping the economy alive by hating ourselves. That we spend massive amounts of money on makeup, hair products, plastic surgery, etc., etc. But, maybe we don’t hate ourselves. Maybe makeup is our weapon, our art form, our sense of self love, not hate. I see a lot of women, mainly on youtube, who feel bad that they used to wear so much makeup, and now are trying to love themselves without it. I 100% agree we should love ourselves without makeup, but wearing it doesn’t mean you’re succumbing to some standard. Personally I feel like I’m not being myself if I don’t wear makeup, but I can take it off at night and still see the same person looking back. Makeup is about bringing the inside out, about displaying who you are. Let’s stop thinking we hate ourselves, hell look at all the powerful women just on Instagram who have made livings off their makeup skills. Makeup is not some ditzy waste of money, it’s not a form of self hatred. Makeup is expression, and if that’s what you love, then own it.

I present to you “Blue Lipstick” preformed by my twin sister and I




July 12, 2016

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