If you love color, collage work, and beautiful textures, then Elisha Anthony’s work is for you!

I found Elisha through, of course, Instagram. This year Thrifts and Prints is going to be less me, more you. I’m a snooze fest! You guys are cool!

So, without further *adieu* here’s what I asked and what Elisha answered:

Q. Tell us about yourself, where are you from? How did you get into art? 

A.~I’m Elisha Anthony, 19 years old, a journalism student  from India. Coming from a nation which is so colorful and rich in different forms of art, it was really important for me to absorb some creativity from my environment which has so much to offer.

Since I was a kid I remember I watched my Dad creating art pieces using Polystyrene sheets, and that was the time I was most attracted to the craft work. My dad was really innovative with every piece he made in his career.

The art I make is about how I feel, It’s a beautiful way to express myself.

Looking at his work as a kid I was always fascinated and interested to look into the process of how an art work is done, the detailing, the carving, all the bits coming together to make one mind blowing master piece. I started with drawings, then paintings, than making things out of waste material. I always looked at different types of art work on the internet trying to redo the concept on a totally different platform. I soon realized I had a great power of imagination which I could turn into my own magnificent  pieces of art. This idea was everything to me, I loved the idea of my imagination, my vision, being expressed in reality through art.

Q. How would you describe your art? 

A.~ My art is more about a representation of ME. So on Elportray, my art gallery, you have stuff which is an exact representation of my visions, my perspective. It’s so liberating, like its my mind talking to my audience through pictures and short videos. It’s not that I wanna prove something, but it’s always a great feeling putting out stuff which I have in my mind. Every project I do is an expression of my ideas. The art I make is about how I feel, It’s a beautiful way to express myself. It’s like a world I have created where there is a pure presentation of my true feelings. In the end I feel that it’s just so redeeming.

Q. What are your biggest sources of inspiration? 

A.~ For me inspiration comes from something which is not normal, not ordinary. Like I am always inspired by things which are disturbing, not some everyday casual stuff. I like to add a little horror to my art. Like I’m always attracted to the  kind of stuff which gives me a jolt in my heart and in that moment I can say God! that idea in my mind just blew my own my mind!!
The artist whose work inspired me and continues to inspire is Sasha Samsanova’s work. Her work gives life to me.

Q. Your art uses a lot of colors, what’s the story behind this? 

A.~ I use colors in my art because I believe colors add more  life. It helps me to create something unusual, something not ordinary, something which is young and not boring. Also there is a major reason, I love arranging different combinations. Combinations which strikes the mind of a person and make them say “WOW”.

My idea of having bold colors in my gallery is also a representation of my fierce mind, I’m never afraid to be bold. I will sit back and look for combinations and prints which are so different that it should make my audience think “well that’s weird, but it’s so cool!”

Q. What is your preferred medium to work with? 

A.~ I love working with cameras. Cameras are like my third eye, helping me to bring all the pieces of my art work together and build something amazing. Digital media is also helpful because I can play with my pictures anytime.

All you have to do is produce your art content and never stop creating

My gallery is exactly about that. I want my Elportray gallery to be a place where it delivers a message to people about how free you can be in creating anything you like or love. All you have to do is produce your art content and never stop creating. I’d love to direct videos and portraits, which would be an exact representation of my art.

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January 7, 2018

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