Hello! We are back with Anti-Standard #22 featuring digital artist and all-around-creative Nathan E. Garner. A handful of months ago I sat down with Nathan to talk about Thrifts and Prints and today I have the interviewee-interviewer honor of sharing his artistic insight with you all.

In the words of Nathan:

I’m a young artist who’s trying to do as many different things in as many different avenues as I can, I really like colors and I’m really trying to capture feeling within my art rather than making a big statement. I love to create and I think that if I couldn’t I’d die.

Nathan E. Garner

This Anti-Standard is going back to Thrifts and Prints’ roots and is available to LISTEN on SoundCloud. Check out Nathan’s work below then click on the link to hear more from this budding creative.





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September 9, 2021

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