2016 has definitely been the year of makeup. From baking your face to silicone sponges, we’ve pretty much thought of it all this year. With that said, I’ve spent a bit too long in front of the mirror trying out the latest trends…all at once. This New Years Eve I wanted to bring you guys two quick and fresh makeup looks that won’t take you a whole year to complete.



Mascara: Cherry Chree FAQ Lashes (TJ Maxx)

Optional: False lashes

Something I rarely did this year was skip the eyeliner. I figured skipping this step made me look sick and tired, but turns out makeup doesn’t do that to you, but lack of sleep does. Add a couple coats of your favorite mascara, or go the extra mile with a pair of natural-looking false lashes.


Highlight: ELF Prism Palette (Target)

Lips: Too Faced Melted Metal liquid lipstick (TJ Maxx)

Instead of grabbing a super drying matte liquid lipstick, try out something glossy that won’t leave you reapplying lip balm all night. This Too Faced liquid lip has a metallic hint to it, without giving you that early 2000s lipgloss shine.

3…2…1…the look is complete. Top off your cheekbones with highlighter, and bring some sparkle into the inner corners of your eyes. I used the first shade in the Elf Prism Palette to do so.



Primer: Medusa’s Makeup adhesive for glitter (MM)

Glitter: Medusa’s Makeup Gold Digger (MM)

Brushes: Concealer brushes (BS-Mall/ Wet N Wild)

What else says New Years better than a glitter eyes? Medusa’s Makeup is an awesome cruelty free and vegan brand that has all the eye glitters you can imagine. I used a flat concealer brush to apply the primer all over my eyelids, which has a similar consistency to Vaseline. Then I took a clean concealer brush and used that to pack the glitter on my eyelids.

Tip: Keep a roll of tape nearby when glittering your eyes to pick up any fall out on your face. Make sure to use a tape that’s not super sticky, as you don’t want it to pick up your foundation. Or use the healing stamp of photoshop…it’s not like anyone ACTUALLY does anything on New Years.


Lipstick: Pacifica Tender Heart + Too Faced Unicorn Tears (TJ Maxx)

Optional: Loose glitter of choice (Michael’s)

For my lips I started off with a neutral shade from Pacifica (another awesome vegan brand), then I topped it off with Unicorn Tears from Too Faced. Unicorn Tears has this super glittery, holographic sheen, giving you the perfect statement look.

Skip the highlight, and add your own touch of sparkle instead. I picked up these white star sparkles from Michael’s; I recommend shaped glitter as it’s heavier and won’t get all over your outfit, your house, and your life. I applied the stars with my fingers after applying a small amount of the previously mentioned glitter adhesive to my cheekbones.

And look 2 is complete! These makeup looks took no more than 10 minutes, leaving you the whole night to celebrate, even if that just means getting your life together the last day of the year.

Top both looks off with a little more sparkle. This scented Sparkle Stick if from a local apothecary, however Hard Candy sells a shimmering body lotion which you can find at this post.

Although this year didn’t bring about the best of us as a country, there were many, many moments to celebrate. 2017 is a fresh start, that I know for sure. Thank you all for a wonderful year, my blog went through a lot of transformations this year, and I couldn’t be happier working on it as much as I can. I hope you start off this year being the best you can be…and that 2017 is the tackiest year of all.





December 30, 2016

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