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I guess one could say it’s not the best decision to write a post on how to achieve another’s look, following a blog post about individuality, but in my defense I’ve been wanting to do this for a while.

Amy Winehouse had a very original look to her, from the hair to the infamous eyeliner, down to her outfits that only she seemed to pull off. One thing that most have noticed right away is she was always unapologetically herself, a seemingly fatal flaw when working in an industry that views you under a microscope.

Obviously I’m more drawn to recreating dark haired icons, because changing your hair color is in my opinion one of the hardest parts of recreating a look. of course you could always buy wigs, but let’s be real I don’t make enough money to spend on synthetic hair.

Her eyebrows (and everyone else’s) were thiner than mine. You can actually see where my eyebrow hairs extend to in some of the pictures I took. To cover up your original eyebrows use an old trick, a glue stick and concealer. Honestly I use concealer to cover up my eyebrows everyday because I just do not have the energy or strength to pluck them.

When doing the eyebrows, make sure to make the arch high and use a dark eyebrow gel, her’s matched her out-of-the-bottle black hair. I, of course, used my Anastasia eyebrow pomade in the shade “Chocolate”

The most iconic part of Amy Winehouse (besides her music) was her eyeliner. These bold, imperfect wings surprisingly weren’t too hard to recreate. My gel eyeliner is from ELF and I used an ELF angled eyeliner brush to apply it. One makeup trick to use when doing this is adding a little water to your brush, this will make the application far easier. If you look at pictures of her you can see that the thickness and length of her eyeliner changes, so choose the one that you want to commit to. amywinehousemakeup3

I also contoured my face as well, I have to say contour is very much not my strongpoint, but I do think it came out well, especially given the lighting in which the picture was taken. Her nose was slim and a little longer than mine which can be achieved by contouring the sides of your nose, unless of course you happen to have the exact nose she did.

Another element that everyone must add into their Amy Winehouse makeup look is her upper lip piercing. I know, it just looks like a mole in the picture (and I also put it on the wrong side), but I decided not to impulsively pierce my face at eleven at night.

Most of the time she had been photographed with a light, nearly skin color lip stick or lip gloss. Despite the drama of her eyes I do think this look balanced itself nicely, especially on her. My lipstick is from ELF as well.

As you can see I did not use any expensive products for this look, the most expensive was my Anastasia eyebrow gel which was $18. My goal in life is, to put it simply, be cheap as hell and still look decent doing it.

Now for hair. I do have rather curly hair depending on the day, but this day it happened to look more wavy. Winehouse had neither pin straight nor curly hair. it was more of a nappy, voluminous, and slightly curled symbol of her existence. One of the most iconic things about her was her extremely high bouffant. The best way to achieve this is by teasing the roots of the hair on the top of your head, adding dry shampoo, pinning it, and finishing off with a little hair spray.

I also braided my hair to cover up the part from my bangs, which I pushed to the side. Winehouse also had shorter hairs framing her face, but they were not quite bangs.

To finish off the whole look add some big hoop earrings and you’re most “Amy Winehouse” top.

I hope you guys enjoy this look, and that it’s something a little different from the thousands of Ariana Grande makeup looks out there.


February 7, 2016

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