There’s nothing like those snide remarks, the “you’d be pretty if you ___” or the “maybe you should ___” comments. Well, here’s what you say to those “fuck you”.

Developing a “fuck you” attitude has truly been a life changer. I mean what possible comeback is there to “fuck you”. As a photographer, specifically a female photographer, I know it’s not off-brand for male photographers to pick the ‘hottest’ models they can find. We see so, so many pictures of the same pretty girls in the same boring clothes with the same kind of edits and locations. Here’s what I say to that: Fuck that.

I took the “You’d be Pretty if You___” self-portraits for two reasons:

1. to push me out of my comfort zone. Looking intentionally bad is like, for me, standing in public naked.

2. For a while, I’ve been thinking about how much I and many other people have grown up in front of the mirror. For a while, appearance was absolutely everything to me, and in the most negative way. I didn’t see appearance as a way of self-love and self-expression, but a way of getting people to have a certain opinion of me. Taking these pictures was definitely my “fuck you” to that frame of mind.

As I finish up high school, I want to offer my greatest advice: Other’s negative opinions of you are only effective if you allow them to be.

On that note: As I type away about appearance and art, I realize how privileged I am to have these problems. Yesterday, on April 6, the United States launched an attack on Syria, which followed the previous chemical attack on Tuesday. It seems the ever so lovely president skipped out on kindergarten. Lesson of the day: You can’t fight fire with fire.

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April 7, 2017

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