Thrifts and Prints? Who is she? [insert long winded apology here]. Long story short (short story short actually), I started college, had an identity crisis, and abandoned this website.

Anyways, I’m here, very ironically, to talk about writing every day. If you’re like me, who keeps nearly every emotion to herself, then you’ll probably understand why writing is a necessity. Besides that, I love observing people, and things and squishing them into my own little world of made up stereotypes. Aka I love writing things down and making up stories about people based on the very little information I know about them.

As I mentioned I started college, so I don’t have a lot of downtime to sit and reflect and jot things down. But, what I do have is a commute to school and back, lots of free time waiting for classes to start, and my phone. To put it simply, writing things is hard. Have you ever had the BEST book idea EVER, then you go to write, and you can’t even complete a page? Even poetry, seems easy, right? Give yourself three hours and you’ll have a whole book done. Well, that’s not the case either.

What I’ve found is that writing is so much easier when done in increments, and even easier when you give yourself different environments to write in. You can seriously write anywhere. My biggest advice is to put some sort of writing app on your phone. I just use good old Google Docs because it saves my writing automatically. Wattpad‘s a good option as well. Also, bring a notebook with you, just a little one, record daily observations in here. Don’t be too obvious about it though; don’t stare at someone, then write, then stare at them again. Wait for them to get off the train, or leave the room, then do your creepy-stalker writing.

I think it’s very important to write every day, even if you’re the world’s shittiest writer. Maybe you noticed the image on today’s post has the phrase “for breakfast eat your thoughts”, even if the rest of your day is word-less and boring, take your bagel-eating time to write anything, a couple words a day seriously adds up.



September 26, 2017

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