I know, a bizarre concept, men’s fashion changing since the beginning of time? Although it’s crazy I think the time has come.

Despite a few changes here and there, men’s fashion has remained rather similar, whereas women’s fashion seems to change in the blink of an eye. As a person who loves fashion I have watched countless “100 Years of Fashion” videos, you know the ones Buzzfeed always puts out? Despite gender roles changing and women *gasp* being able to show skin having some impact on this drastic change, it always seems they have the upper hand on the runway.

With big name brands like Zara, Forever21, H&M, and Urban Outfitters offering a much larger selection for guys, they can use their minimum wage paychecks to get a brand new wardrobe.

Here a few looks my (more stylish than me) boyfriend purchased from Zara (with the exception of the Vans). dommydom1dommydom3dommydom4dommydom5dommydom6dommydom7dommydom2

T-shirts you can find almost anywhere. Personally I’m big on going to thrift stores and getting random ones that even Urban Outfitters is too hipster to carry. One of my favorite shirts is a swim team shirt I cut into a crop top, so don’t lose hope if your paycheck and Zara aren’t compatible.

Jackets make great statement pieces especially the one pictured above. Look for cool details like zippers, quilted shoulders, or pockets. Honestly I’ll probably steal this jacket.

Jeans are something everyone should splurge on. Although I’m a big skirt wearer I have some idea on the importance of well-fitting pants. Make sure you know your size and always remember no store sizes the same so always try on pants before you buy them.

Starting off my 2016 blog posts with men’s fashion has been challenging, but I hope I did it justice, and with that I hope everyone has a very fashionable new year.

January 2, 2016

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