Looks like I’ve been pretty absent from Thrifts and Prints, apparently school works on their time and not mine…so rude. Before I go on let’s get onto what i’m really here to talk about. Today, I bring to you, a super cool super new clothing line (from a very bias source), Unamused Apparel.

My twin sister, Parker, and I, wanted to create a t-shirt line with character. We began by hand painting t-shirts, but have graduated to screen printing. Each print is hand drawn, either on paper or digitally, then transferred onto a screen.

Interested in buying our sh*t, then check out our Etsy page.

If this leaves you unamused and you’re interested in starting your own competitive company, then check out our video on how to screen print, brought to you by adolescent.net

Follow us on Instagram @unamused.apparel

October 29, 2016

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