You ever put on an outfit that clings to you in all the wrong places? You know that dress you just HAD to get, that you’re constantly pulling down, up…left and right? For me, that’s most days, since I am strongly against trying any article of clothing on before I buy it. Most days the guess-and-check-later method doesn’t work, but somedays it offers heaven sent comfort, packaged in style (any underwear companies need a new slogan?)

This top I’m wearing was purchased in Lowell, Massachusetts. Remember the industrial revolution?, well apparently that ended, so now the totally-not-haunted mills are being used for their intended purpose: trendy, handmade-soap yielding markets for top almond-milk consumers to enjoy. (If you’re taking offense, this was entirely, 100% directed at myself).

I purchased this 80s dream at a vintage shop in said mill called S.M.C Dress and Trouser. 

The pants come a little further south of Lowell…Florida to be exact.

I purchased these forgiving, sparkly, bell bottoms at a religious charity-type store. I want to say it was called Jesus’ Closet, actually as I’m typing this I remembered it was called Lighthouse Ministries, however Jesus would look H O T in a pair of these.

If you’re ever planning on eating a large meal, slap a pair of these bad boys on, they’re like fancy pajamas, sweatpants with flair if you will.

My shoes are from Savers, and I didn’t actually wear them at all today, but the internet is for lying so I’m trying my best.

And, since the human brain responds in some magical way to photographs, here is my room, where I give far too many vintage knick-knacks a home:

January 8, 2018

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