Accidentally turned today’s lovely lace dress (from the thrift store!) into a somewhat old world, glamour look. My makeup today was bold to compliment my pale skin and the pale look of the dress.

  I used the Zoe’s Red lipstick, which is wonderful by the way, I fill in my sadly very sparse eyebrows with Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow gel, and I use the NYX liquid liner for my wings. I tried to contour, but I own very cheap bronzer, so it is not the best.

    My shoes are also from the thrift store! They are actually my twin sister’s shoes, so they are a size too big on me, but very very comfortable.

 Since it was very humid where I live I put my hair into a messy bun/ updo, if you will. I spent the day taking pictures with my friends for a wonderful brand I’m sponsoring! If you’d like to see more then check out my photography Instagram, which you can get to by clicking on any of the top tabs and it will be on the sidebar 🙂

July 28, 2015

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