Happy Valentines Day my loves! Typical me to post a Valentines Day “lookbook” on the actual day, but who says you can’t have two Valentine’s days? Honestly I am not a fan of this super cheesy holiday as I’m not really a “romantic” gal, but I did love creating these looks.

I based these three looks off my three favorite NYX lip glosses/ stains. The first one is called an “Intense” butter gloss, and let me tell you, they were not lying. I have a futuristic purple in the shade “Berry Strudel”. The pigmentation on this gloss is amazing, plus it leaves your lips feeling very soft. valentines2valentines5

My look for this one is one I’m nearly positive Teen Vogue would label as “Fun and Flirty!”; let’s be real I look like a kindergartener, but Valentines Day WAS arguably the best in elementary school. My burgundy top is from H&M, I love basic tops such as this one because it can be paired with nearly any bottom. My shorts (yes shorts not a skirt) are from a local vintage/ thrift store called The Garment District. I bought these in either the 50s or 60s section a couple of years ago and they are my absolute favorite. I feel like a need to ride a baby pink bicycle when I wear these. Lastly my tights are nude with black hearts. I bought these probably about 5 years ago, and every Valentine’s Day I’ll pull them out. How could I forget about my glasses! These are Warby Parker “try on glasses”. I do actually own a pair of glasses, but they are quite small for my face. I love the look of these clear ones and in my opinion they tie the whole look together.


The next color is from their soft matte lip cream collection in the shade “Copenhagen”. Most matte lip glosses leave my lips feeling dry and stiff, but this one does not. It leaves my lips both soft and matte, two qualities you can’t beat for only 6 dollars.


This look is more toned down than my more comical first look. Red is the staple color for Valentine’s Day. Oppose to a more tacky Crayola red, I decided to on a more “grownup” color. This pleather Forever21 skirt is simple, put together, and comfortable. To continue with the simplicity of the look, I added a black crop top from Charlotte Russe. Again, another wardrobe staple.


The second soft matte lip cream I have is a deep red in the shade “Transylvania”. The color appears black in the bottle, but turns out more burgundy on your lips, the perfect color for a smokey eye.

This is definitely the classiest of the three looks. Something like this would be perfect if you were to go out on a fancier date. The dress I am wearing is originally from Forever21, but I bought it at a consignment shop. I’m not sure where the necklace I am wearing is from, but any statement necklace would go great with a solid color, scoop neck dress. Pair with black heels, and you’re ready to go. I pulled my hair back for this look as well as I felt it looked much more put together.


I hope everyone had/ has a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Also keep in mind that you don’t need a significant other today. Go buy yourself flowers if you want them! Make yourself a fancy dinner because you can! Pet your dog! Or, if you’re feeling creative, try these looks out! I guarantee they’ll make you feel much better on this utterly cheesy day.



February 14, 2016

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