Before I absolutely bash male photographers (kidding), I’d like to recognize that my first photography role models were both men: Tyler Shields and Richard Avedon.

But today is for the ladies of the lens. Actually, every day is for the ladies of the lens. I’m truly tired of feeling like shit around male photographers. At first, I thought it was my pre-conceived notion that men are the devil (slightly kidding), but after a while I realized, I, in fact, was being treated like I didn’t know what a camera was.

So here’s to the lens ladies. Here’s to the ladies that embrace diversity, not only in terms of race, but body size, and facial features. Here’s to the ladies that that just take the fucking pictures instead of tossing around camera lingo like it’s the latest trend. Here’s to the ladies that style their own shoots. Here’s to the ladies that don’t talk about models like they’re trying to buy a car. Here’s to the ladies that don’t bank off hot models and big boobs to get likes.

Here’s to the ladies, the one’s that disturb, intrigue, and challenge viewers. The ones with stories to tell, not bodies to sell. Because saying you’re “going to blow up” is only going to get you so far.

I can’t put my finger on why exactly I chose photography, but I know exactly why I keep it with me. The camera, to me, is not a tool for documentation, but more for creation. The camera is supposed to be used for both, but I feel, often, the creation side is seen in a lesser light than the documentation side. A lot, if not most of the young male photographers I know or know of use the camera for documentation; taking a picture of what is in front of them. The female photographers I look up to see the camera as a means of creation; they make what they see in their mind into a reality. Both are super awesome and super important, but when you (male photographs) treat one (the latter) like a joke, well, you sir, are the problem.

So here’s me, cutting off male photographers from giving me unsolicited editing advice…because that’s just fucking irritating…to be blunt. And here’s to the ladies, the ladies of the lens: keep making, keep creating, and never, ever stop telling your stories.

Now here are some of my very favorite ladies of the lens:

Nadia Lee Cohen:


Brooke Didonato


Parker Day


April 11, 2017

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