I feel like quite the hypocrite as my blog is called Thrifts and Prints and I’ve yet to show you guys any thrifts! I have the shortest attention span and always bounce between photography, fashion, makeup, and writing. So today, finally, I will introduce you to my wardrobe. I have been thrifting for as long as I can remember. It astonishes me when people are still grossed out by buying other people’s clothes, you can wash them, and always should. Most days my style leans my towards the vintage side. I love the sixties but somehow always end up dressing like the eighties. Thrift stores are great because they have a good selection of modern and more vintage items. I normally do my thrift shopping at Savers, but I love GoodWill. I also came across the cutest thrift store in Providence called Leviathan Exchange, if you live near the area then check it out! Above all, the fashion industry, like all the overblown industries of the world, is cruel. Sweatshops with life threatening work conditions, pollution, and more all go into your H&M shirts and most of your large chain mall stores. I cannot simply stand up for animals and ignore humans, just because we can’t see the hate, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Obviously I do shop at bigger clothing stores, but I have been trying to minimize my shopping at stores unless they are vintage, thrift, or made in America. I cannot stress enough the impact a consumer has on an industry by refusing to buy it’s products. Always put yourself in other people’s shoes. Before I go on and on and on about rights, let’s talk about clothes and the collection I’ve accumulated this summer.




Shoes: Nordstrom Rack (originally from Topshop) Disclaimer: I’m not sure if these have any leather in them, I’ve had them for quite a while, before I went vegan.

Purse: Target (Pleather obviously)

Skirt: Savers, mustard yellow has to be one of my favorite colors. This skirt reminded me of a pair of Zara pants, so I had to buy it.




Dress: Savers: Ok let’s just talk about this dress. I pulled it out from the “vintage” section in my Savers and my immediate reaction was wtf. I loved the print though, and the slits make it even more interesting. This piece will be hard to style, but I’m up for a challenge.

Shoes: Soda



Dress: Savers (shift style dress)

Clutch: Actually just a makeup bag I found at Savers, it’s in brand new condition!

Shoes: Topshop heels



Shorts: Nostalgia Antiques and Collectables, ok this is my absolute favorite store. I live about 40 minutes from Providence, Rhode Island, yet somehow manage to find myself in Nostalgia at least every other day.

Shoes: Lulus (Lulus is a made in America brand!) I obviously love these shoes considering the worn out tops of them (and the dirt sorry I’m gross)



Shoes: H&M (again I’m not 100% sure if these have any leather in them, I’ve had them since freshman year)

Shirt: Savers (Tip: a lot of longer basic shirts look much cuter when you tie them, look for some next time you’re out thrifting)

Shorts: Providence Flea Market…Can we talk about these shorts, they’re the perfect length, high waisted, and have cherubs on them, how can you not be in love.


Dress: Second Time Around, STA is a more expensive consignment shop, but there’s one on every corner in Boston (and in Providence). They have very good deals as well, I got this dress for $15 to wear to a Matt Corby concert.


Shirt: This is not a thrift, but a local artist painted it. I bought this at a store called Lore in Providence which sells local artists’ work. This is by the brand Boy World and I can safely say I have nothing like it in my wardrobe.


Dress: I had to save the best for last! This dress is also not a thrift, but I bought it at a local boutique called NAVA (new and vintage apparel), and, shocker, it’s in Providence. The dress was a splurge ($68) and I honestly have no where to wear this besides to take pictures in, but how could I pass up, it has pockets!

Shoes: Nordstrom Rack/ Topshop, but we know that by now

July 22, 2016

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