Recently I chopped a good five inches off my hair.

I’ve been trying to do things that I wouldn’t normally do. Although I’m not a stranger to the DIY haircut lifestyle, I haven’t rocked a bob in many years. Often I attribute my femininity to the length of my hair. No matter where I am in life, the end goal always seems to be to have long hair. How stupid and superficial. So two days ago I put a quick end to it with my rash hair-cutting decision.

I happen to be a twin, and one of the first differentiating factors anyone remarks between us is “she has an oval face and you have a round face”. This remark I always took to heart as a slap in the baby-faced insult. However I got to thinking, why should having a round face BE an insult, so I clipped my bangs back in these photographs to embrace my, uh, roundness.

Before I end this post I will leave with a final bit of advice. Delve into AT LEAST one creative endeavor a day. Whether it be doodling on a napkin during your business call, or crafting the perfect eyeliner wing, I promise it will keep you going. Here is my creative endeavor of self portraits:

July 28, 2017

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