My Sunday happened to be pretty enjoyable, I’m just pessimistic about them hence the title. My outfit today looked like I spent some time on it, but it was very comfy and took me about 30 seconds to put on.

People tend to say I dress up a lot but in reality I own 2 pairs of jeans and dresses are way more comfortable.

My url name is actually relevant today with a thrift (the cardigan), and a print (the shift dress).

Not pictured in these are the shoes I wore, which were my white Dr. Martens. Super comfy, but may be mistaken for ice skates.

Also, check out the new logo for my site, I was going to be punny and make a toilet paper roll because the initials for thrifts and prints are TP, but my graphic design skills are extremely limited.

Hope you all pick out cute outfits to get through tomorrow!

Dress: Marshall’s Cardigan: Thrift Store (originally Forever21)
I swear I’m wearing spandex shorts over these tights, not trying to lose the 3 people that look at this blog
I put my natural hair in a messy bun and pulled out my baby hairs, and of course I straightened my bangs.

December 7, 2015

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