There’s something about vintage clothes I can’t resist. Maybe I spend a little too much time romanticizing clothing, but I love the thought that someone else once enjoyed the same piece I own today. Not to mention, vintage clothing is often built tougher and lasts much longer (sounds like I’m trying to sell you a car) than the clothes of today.

I will always advocate for buying vintage clothing, as the recycling of clothes through thrift shops or sellers is so important, not only to our environment but, when you shop this way, your money doesn’t support big industries that exploit their workers.

The dress I styled today was purchased at Old Moon Vintage. Check them out!

I am so pleased with the fit of this dress, I like boxier silhouettes so I can eat all the vegan cupcakes I want!

Helpful Tip:
Don’t get caught up in the whole, dress for your body thing. Being afraid to wear boxier or even tighter clothes will limit your wardrobe. It’s all about styling. way too often i see magazines telling petite girls to accentuate this and that and curvier girls to cover this and that. Screw them, wear the clothes YOU want…then start your own goddamn magazine.

I was on the hunt for a 1960’s dress when I found this one, the floral embroidery and toggle details immediately caught my eye. The dress is velvet with a silk lining: originally from the brand Perle Bon, a Tokyo brand.

I kept the styling more modern with a 60’s vibe. The thigh-high boot trend reminds me a lot of the go-go boot trend. Since the dress is black and white I decided to add color with these mustard, faux-suede thigh-high boots.

Obviously, these are quite high in relation to the length of the dress, so if you happen to be shorter then keep the look fresh with a pair of block heels.

Since the 60s brought out some bold earring choices, I decided to break out these tassel hoop earrings. I chose earrings that matched the dress in order to keep the boots as the focal point (not to be a SNOB). Of course, you could experiment with any color, especially when styling a black and white dress.

On that note:
A big BIG thank you to all those that check out my blog. Thrifts and prints is the biggest and most important project (per say) that I’ve ever worked on. I know with every ounce of my being that art can be influential, fashion can be positive, and words can change lives. Keep being you, keep working hard, and remember that there are people out there rooting for you. I love you all!! (except the scammers in my comments, not you!)




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March 3, 2017

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