It’s becoming that cold-enough-to-see-your-breath-outside kind of weather, and that means one thing, jackets. There are the shoe-obsessed and purse-obsessed, but I, am without a doubt, jacket-obsessed.

A confession to my jacket obsession

What’s so great about jackets? Besides the whole keeping you warm thing, they also are essentially two outfits in one. Throw a stylish jacket over a stylish dress and bam, two outfits, one for inside one for out.

With this being said, it’s essential to find that one jacket that steps up your wardrobe game. This fall I decided to give my wardrobe what it was most certainly missing: a rainbow sequined, lime-green lined jacket.

How could I resist? When you find a jacket like this at a Catholic consignment shop for only $20, it must be God giving you the best fashion advice of your life.

As notorious as I am for buying jackets, I also forget to wear them. This is a documentation of how I gave my $20 sequined jacket a chance, freeing it from a life of hanging on a rack.

How I styled this piece:

Recently I’ve been looking at stepping up my fashion game, a.k.a putting my simple crop tops and high waisted skirts into retirement.  The creative directors behind brands like Gucci have my heart (not my wallet though; I can’t afford that shit). Not to mention platforms like Man Repeller and even artists like Unskilled Worker know what’s up with mixing patterns, playing with oversized garments, and taking inspiration from past fashion decades.

I styled this statement (oversized) jacket with a simple black top and a printed skirt. The skirt, which I purchased at Goodwill, is muted in color, making the outfit NOT a total eyesore. And mark my words, kitten heels are BACK. These pastel printed ones I slipped on while joking around with my sister, and I honestly was thrilled with how they looked with the whole outfit.

Excuse my obviously cheap wig I was having a bad hair day!!!!



October 15, 2017

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