Hey guys, I got off my lazy butt today and decided to (ironically) write a post on stay motivated. These tips are how I stay motivated, but I believe they are interchangeable with your personal situations. I have categorized my thoughts into four main sections; art, writing, fashion, and photography. Also, check out the books in the header picture if you’re looking to stay motivated even after reading this post.

Art motivated7

Personally, I believe choosing an art related career, path, or hobby requires A LOT of personal motivation. Since art, in all its forms, is subjective, staying motivated can be a little challenging, but definitely not impossible. First things first, keep in mind who your audience is, and who is the most important to please. The answer is you. Make sure you are creating for yourself. Staying true to yourself will keep you motivated, it will keep you holding on to your original vision, and in the end allow you to achieve YOUR goals.

Secondly, keep constructive criticism in mind, but do not be discouraged by negative opinions. In other words, make sure to keep improving yourself. Make sure to keep learning new things and to develop new and unique ideas. What you should not do is give up or be discouraged by an opinion of your work that is not so good. Art is whatever you make it out to be, some may see it and some may not. The best way to prove said negative opinions wrong, is to keep improving yourself and continue to stay true to who you are.

Lastly, look at a bunch of art. Go to museums, watch documentaries, and even look at books about art through the years. Its nearly impossible not to pull inspiration from admiring other’s work. On the other hand DO NOT COPY, it is one thing to be inspired by, but another to rip off another artist who’s worked hard to make their art their own.




Writing is something that accidentally came into my life. After creating a watt pad and jotting down a few ideas for a possible book, I’ve been finding it hard to stay motivated to keep up with it all. One thing I like to do is keep a journal, this is a very miscellaneous journal. It houses poems, short stories, rants about my personal life, school, etc., and quotes I like. One thing to do to keep yourself motivated to write, is write down an overview of your day. Just doing a simple exercise like that keeps you continuously writing.

Another thing I like to do is what is called a bullet journal, here I write down my new ideas, and plan out my goals for the day other than school stuff. I use a planner from Target for my homework assignments/ upcoming tests. Find an organization system that works best for you.

When it comes to creative writing, find inspiration through your daily life. Observe people and create fictional characters out of a collection of unique characteristics you see in a day. Take note of how you feel when you are sad, happy, confused, etc. This will allow you to be able to portray emotions in a way that doesn’t sound like you’re trying too hard. Read as well. Want to write a horror? Read some Stephen King. Want to write teen fiction? Pick up a John Green novel. Take a trip to the book store or library. Not only will you be able to pick up some books for inspiration, but also imagine how cool it would be if someone could pick up YOUR book for inspiration.

Make a schedule as well, and ACTUALLY follow it, the time to create something is now. Starting is definitely the hardest part, but once you come up with an idea and write your first few pages, you’ll be done in no time. motivated1



My biggest advice for getting motivation for anything is to read, read, read. These are two of my favorite fashion books that I own, but there are many more I have yet to even discover.

If you’re in a fashion rut, then go to the mall. I’m not suggesting you buy clothes, but rather admire the window displays. Look at what’s trendy and possibly build your style around that. If you are a designer, stylist, fashion photographer, etc., then it’s important to know what the world has deemed as “in style” for the time being.

Another thing to do is: visit thrift stores. This way you can create your own looks using pieces that were not originally intend to go together. It’s important that you become motivated through your own creativity.



For photography, I believe a fantastic way to stay motivated, is to set a theme for yourself. Say you are doing a series, or finishing up a project, having one theme or idea to go along with it will make the end result much more clear. Think about the use of colors, lighting, backgrounds, models, makeup, etc.

Also, make sure you are able to go take pictures as much as possible, this is something that I have trouble doing as I find myself very busy. What’s important is that you change up your scenery, and try out different styles, especially if you’re just beginning.

Lastly, find a way to display your pictures. Seeing them all laid out together rather than sitting a file on your laptop, will inspire you to go out and take more pictures to add to your collection. Instagram is not the only way to display your shots. WordPress, VSCO, Flickr are just a few examples of platforms for displaying photography.

In Conclusion 

Staying motivated is not impossible if you do three things:

  1. Understand your end goal-what are you aiming to accomplish?
  2. Write out a schedule to follow
  3. practice, practice, practice

These tips can work for any situation, I just happened to chose art related topics, because that’s what I’m most informed about. I hope you all stay motivated and keep up with your goals. Honestly, this is cliche, but nothing is impossible.

March 20, 2016

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