Whether you see thrifts and prints as a blog, zine, or a collection of nonsense, one aspect remains true, I founded this ‘thing’ on the principles of individuality. I was a sophomore in high school when I finally got thrifts and prints up and running, that was the first year I made the decision to start learning to love myself.

Now, self love is like this big picture with a bunch of branches off of it, one being appearance. A common misconception about self love is it revolves around body image and appearance. Truth is self love starts from within, it’s not about hitting goal weights, or growing your hair to a certain length, or having bigger this, smaller that. Appearance is temporary, focus on loving WHO you are.

One thing that really helps me is writing. Keep in mind, I’m a very private person, so if writing doesn’t work for you, then try talking to someone close to you. When I say write everything, WRITE EVERYTHING. Start with what you maybe don’t like about yourself, rip that paper up, then write 20, 30, 50 things you like or love about yourself. Flip back to those observations from time to time. If you’re more of a talker, then try to have positive conversations with people. Some good topics of discussion are things you’d like to accomplish, or what accomplishments you have that make you proud.

If you’re someone you spends a little too much time caring what people think, then there are ways to slowly get out of that mindset. Start focusing on how you feel about yourself, do things you like to do. Dress the ways you like to dress. At the end of the day, everyone is like everyone else. So chances are that person who’s opinion you put too much thought into, may also fear your opinion of them.

One big aspect of self love comes from spreading positivity. Every day we have the choice to spread positivity, or negativity. I find that when I have a more positive outlook on the day, or on the world, then it’s easier to enjoy the person I am. In light of recent political events, the world has become more negative than it should be. However it would be extraordinarily ignorant to say “ignore the negativity”. My best advice is you can’t fight fire with fire. Understand the negativity, and use positivity to change it.

When focusing on self love, you have to ask yourself what makes you, you. Who is the ‘self’ you are focusing on? In my opinion we are a collection of our passions, or relationships (friendships, family, significant others), and our desires or dreams. So really spend your time focusing on the things and people that make you happy, and the dreams will follow. This sounds super simple when I compress it into a single sentence, but if you start seeing these aspects as opportunities and not obstacles, you will learn that you can do a lot of what you set your mind to.

At the end of the day we’re all people, we’re not perfect, and we make more mistakes than we may want to. Learn to embrace your flaws, and understand mistakes are worth making. Self love is a tool and a necessity that will keep you up even in your worst moments. Although there’s no step-by-step guide that can make you love yourself, keep working at it and figure out what works for YOU.


February 24, 2017

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