My room is something I change even more than my appearance, I’ve always loved to rearrange my furniture and decorate it. Here are a few pictures of my room after I’ve decorated it for Christmas (I know, too soon)


Most of my furniture is from Ikea, including my desk, shelves, vanity, bedding and dresser. My headboard is from amazon, my night stand is a stepladder from an antique store that I painted, and the stools are from Pier 1. My ottomans are from target as well as my curtains, and last, but not least my mannequin is from Mood fabrics.I like to keep my room colorful as I’m not one to stick to a specific theme. I hang a lot of my pictures and drawings on the wall because plain walls are not my cup of tea. I also just put in a clothing rack which I’m 99% sure is from Target.



To keep my desk organized I use old bottles and jars. My desk tends to get cluttered a lot so I always make sure to organize it once a week. I also keep my sewing machine and colored pencils to inspire me when I’m feeling a little uncreative.




My nightstand I painted myself, it used to have the UK flag painted on it, very badly may I add, so I painted it pink, white, and gold. I usually keep a lot of books on it and I just added a little Christmas tree as well. It’s not the most convenient piece, as you can see I keep a lot on it, but I love the way it looks so I made some sacrifices.



As I said my “vanity” is from Ikea. It’s really just two shelves with a mirror and some vanity style bulbs. Having a vanity like this is very convenient as it gives you floor space and you can even put drawers underneath the shelves if you happen to be a makeup addict.

Clothing Rack:

Right now I have three of my favorite fall dresses hanging on my clothing rack. I like to keep the hangers matching so I chose wooden ones as they look better than plastic. I also keep my favorite shoes at the bottom of the rack which I forgot to photograph. I draped some Christmas bulbs across it as well (I went a little crazy with decorating). I hope to add a few shelves above my clothing rack in the future as I need a place to store my camera lenses.


Helpful Tips:

If your room is smaller, or feeling cramped, add a few mirrors to your walls  or even invest in a floor length one, you’ll be surprised at how much mirrors can open a space up.

Opt for shelves instead of bulky pieces of furniture to give yourself more floor space.

Also, remember to make your room your own by adding knick knacks and personal belongings. To personalize my room I hang up my paintings.

Adding an accent wall will make your room more interesting. Some people usually do this through paint, but you can also dedicate one wall to hanging up pictures, writing pieces, or even a large painting to create an accent wall.

Since we’re on the topic of paint, make sure to paint your room a more neutral color so it won’t be difficult accessorizing it. Lastly, remember to keep yourself organized, even if it happens to be organized chaos.


Enjoy 🙂

November 29, 2015

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