Overalls can either go two ways, a preschooler or a preschool teacher. So, of course the only option is to combine the two stereotypes and make the tackiest outfit of all. I use the word tacky too often, and in the wrong context, but this isn’t English class, so let’s talk about clothes.

An Overview of Overalls:

There are quite a variety of overalls out there, from jean overalls to floral printed ones, the options are endless. Today I’m wearing a black pair of wide-leg cropped overalls. I’m normally not a wide-leg kind of gal, but I’ve come to a realization about fashion, which is as follows: fashion is about clothes and the art of wearing them, collecting them, and designing them, however a lot of people have gotten caught up in the “what flatters your body type” deal. Of course this information serves its purpose, but if I want to wear my wide-legged cropped overalls who cares if they don’t make my ass look…well…existent. Your fashion word will truly open up when you ignore those “body type rules” wear baggy clothes wear tight clothes wear nothing at all!

The pictured overalls are from Target

A good way to style-up a pair of overalls, is to add an off the shoulder crop top underneath. The one pictured above is from Brandy Melville.

Adding a pair of statement earrings can also make the look for interesting. These earrings are handmade, but any pair of hoops, or vintage earrings world work.

The shoes are definitely my favorite part of this look, not only for the colors, but also the thrift store price tag. I purchased these at Savers for $7; aside from the outdated buckle, I could see these shoes being sold on Ego or Boohoo. I love pastel tones, but they tend to blend into my very pale skin tone, so I figured why not wear them on my feet?

I live in New England, so it’s a little too cold this time of year to be wearing heeled sandals, which is why I paired these with a pair of American Apparel socks. Mixing up your shoe choice with this type of outfit will give it many different personalities. Try a perspex heel for a more modern look, or a pair of pumps for a more classic look.

I’ve updated the photo section of my blog and hope to start a new Sunday-series in the coming weeks. Be sure to check those out!


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December 9, 2016

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