Breaking News: I straightened my hair.

Recently I’ve been trying to be more heat free with my hair aside from my bangs, but I decided to cave in to the persuasive pleas of my sister who happened to be my “hairstylist” and “makeup artist” for the night.

I do have curly hair, it’s not super thick or coarse though, which makes the straightening process of bit easier.

It’s very odd seeing myself with straight hair, I actually had never seen my hair straight    with my bangs prior to this spontaneous hair style. I envy you ladies who can wake up, brush your hair, and be out the door. Although this my have damaged my hair, it definitely lowered my morning stress. straighthair3Lately, no matter how much I seem to change up my makeup look, I always end up looking the same. My sister decided to dry some different techniques on my face. Here my eyebrows are different than I usually do them. I actually prefer the way she did them here; despite my stray hairs, I think they look cleaner. Dramatic wings are something I add into my everyday routine, yet mine tend to be on the thinner side. My sister opted for a thicker, shorter wing, this will make your eyes appear wider oppose to longer. One important tip to watch out very when doing your makeup, is knowing which lip color looks best on you. I love the way a darker red lip looks with dark hair and pale skin, this NYX matte butter lipgloss is my go to. Dark lips are also an easy way to give the illusion you have whiter teeth.


I wish I could hire someone to do my makeup everyday, but sadly I am a teenager with a minimum wage job and must fend for myself in the makeup department. It was a lot of fun to change up my look if only for a night. I hope to try much different makeup looks in the future, and possibly something different with my hair.

I  mentioned in a post a month ago that I’d be writing a post on a two piece and clutch I’m making. The skirt and clutch are finally complete, but I am yet to finish the top. I PROMISE the post will be out very soon, considering I have a vacation from school. I hope you all decide to try out some new makeup looks as well!

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February 12, 2016

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