My sister and I frequently go to Whole Foods to pick up the best vegan cupcakes, however they weren’t available the other day, so somehow we found our way to the makeup aisle. To my surprise Whole Foods has a nice selection of makeup, including a whole shelf dedicated to Pacifica products. Pacifica is a cruelty free and vegan brand made in Portland, a portion of their proceeds go towards supporting clean water as well. The ingredients are mostly plant based and the list of them is far shorter than I’ve ever seen. I’m a sucker for cute packaging and the colors in this palette are ones I don’t have in my collection  (especially the beautiful navy blue), so of course I had to pick it up. The palette sells for ten dollars. mystic3

When you open up this palette you are greeted with the message “you are so pretty”. This palette doesn’t come with a mirror, however this is something I don’t mind and I believe it’s just a way to sell palettes at a higher price. Who even needs a mirror when the palette comes with the sweetest reminder? The first color is called Opal, the second Celestial, the third Moonbeam, and the final color is Stargazer. The minute I saw the names on this palette I couldn’t wait to create a makeup look.

To create this look I primed my eyelids and coated them in Opal with the BS-Mall flat eyeshadow brush shown above. I apologize I did not take pictures of the process, but the colors were not showing up well on camera without the blue. I have to say the shadows aren’t the most pigmented, but if you spray any liquid (I used a coconut water detoxing spray) on your brushes, the color applies much more evenly and boldly. mystic6

Next I went in with Celestial, the second color, and applied it to the middle of my eyelid with the ELF contour brush shown above. I have no idea why this is called a contour brush, I have been using this as a blending brush forever and it’s still one of my favorites. I followed this step by applying Moonbeam to the outer corner of my eye using the same brush, I then blended the three colors together. At this point you’re eyes will look a little messy. Don’t worry we’ll clean it up with my favorite shade, Stargazer. mystic7

Make sure to apply enough liquid to your makeup brush when working with Stargazer. The color is rather pigmented on it’s own, but in order to get a sharp and defined crease, then pick up all the color you can get. By creating a v shape with this small BS-Mall brush, I was able to bring the shadow up into the crease. Repeat this until you have the desired pigment. I find creating a v-shape looks very sharp, plus it’s much easier to draw in your winged liner because it provides an outline. This look is definitely something I’d wear out. To make it more dramatic, I brought Stargazer down under my eyes with the ELF contour brush. I have noticed this trend on Instagram, and personally love it. I do find my under eyes are very creasy as you can see in the picture below. To make this look more “mystical” I applied diamonds under the under-eye shadow. You can find these at any craft supply store. My eyeliner is of course NYX liquid liner and my lashes are Ardell Natural Wispies. mystic8My face makeup has remained the same from previous posts, so if you want to see my face routine, check those out. Overall I love this palette. It was fun creating this look and I can’t pass up on such a wonderful brand. I definitely will be purchasing more of Pacifica in the future. You can find their products at Target as well as Whole Foods. Before I end this post, let’s talk about my hair! Recently I purchased this wig off Amazon from the brand K’ryssma, honestly I’ve never made a better purchase in my life. The hair is soft, natural looking, and goes all the way to my butt (I plan on cutting it a little so it’s not crazy heavy) I feel a little insecure without my bangs because you can see my eyebrows, but I adore this hair color. I will definitely be buying more wigs in the future. When I have a good collection I’ll be sure to post about it. I hope you all have a wonderful day, go out and do something creative!

July 21, 2016

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