If I’ve learned one thing from photography it’s that people LOVE people. That is, people adore portrait photography. I suppose it’s the way we try to see ourselves in other people or our affinity for the face (there’s a human phenomenon where we naturally see faces in inanimate objects, ie your car).

With that being said, still-life photography gets left out often. When photography was invented, photographers took pictures that resembled paintings. If you’ve ever seen an old painting it’s usually a bunch of food on a table or a bunch of flowers on a table, so photographers did what painters did, but in much less time and with a little more realism.

SORRY for the history lesson, but I’m just coming on here to say, still-lives are cool and deserve more credit! I think they are a great way for someone to begin photography, as directing people to look a certain way in front of the camera isn’t the easiest thing to do. It helps with creating sets, plus if you’re a pretty *seasoned* photographer who’s stuck in a rut, it can help spark up creativity/ inspiration. Lastly, they are great color studies, you can really play around with the color in camera or during editing since you don’t have to be conscious of fucking up someone’s skin tone. Here are some still lives I took at 11 pm to justify the horrific amount of props I’ve purchased in the past week.

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May 24, 2018

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