Scenario: It’s late, nighttime, what some would call early morning. I have watched every makeup challenge video on YouTube. A new video pops up: “My Minimalist Wardrobe”.

“I can get into this” I think to myself. Behind me is a wardrobe overflowing with clothes dating back to sixth grade, a cold sweat rushes over me. “I only have seven shirts, but I’m working on getting it down to five!” says the blonde girl made entirely of kale and optimism.

Before I turn into a WattPad fan fiction writing, you get the point, minimalism scares me. Judging from my room behind me, I live in a constant state of organized chaos. One of the many awesome things about fashion is it’s ability to make chaos look chic. Here’s how I’ve been combatting the minimalism plague:

Prints on prints: Don’t be afraid of print mixing, actually PLEASE NEVER be afraid to mix prints. The key to this is looking at similar color schemes within each design, and always allow one print to overpower another.

Vintage and modern: Mixing vintage and modern pieces definitely contributes to the “More is More” approach. If you ever see something that has that ugly, pretty kind of feel, like a frumpy floral skirt, get it anyway. Chances are it won’t look like you just shopped out of your grandma’s wardrobe after you pair it with a crop top and flashy heels.

Throw some on top: Always say yes to belts, big earrings, statement necklaces, and what have you. Channel your inner Iris Apfel.

Sometimes you have to make the entire outfit loud. Don’t settle for a pair of boring shoes when you have funky clothes on. I chose these metallic mary jane-esque shoes after I was inspired by the metallic detail sewn into the skirt.

The bigger the better…in terms of earrings of course.

And of course, add some fun to your face too. Makeup by my twin sister, Parker Halliday.

On that note: Fuck Donald Trump, that’s all. Speaking of pigs, as of three days ago I can celebrate one year of veganism! To keep it short and sweet, veganism has changed my life in the sense I have learned to live with the world, not against it. A lesson many can benefit from, even beyond the plate. Talking to you dear Mr. President šŸ˜‰

April 26, 2017

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