A Step By Step Guide To Crafting Your Very Own Mom Jeans

Step one: Purchase a pair of high waisted, straight leg, mom jeans. A fantastic place to look is your local thrift store

Step two: Try the jeans on, make sure they have just the right mix of bagginess and fit around the waist.

Step three: Cut up, dice up, split open, and fray the heck out of the pants. Tools you will need for this are scissors (for making the slices) and tweezers (to fray the cuts).


Step four: Customize your jeans with fabric paints. Here’s your time to be the next Van Gogh, or an artistic kindergarten class. Either way, these jeans will be one of a kind with a fantastic personality.

Step five: Embrace the inner soccer mom or style these jeans up with a crop top/ mix up the outfit with contrasting prints.



October 6, 2016

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