What’s more classic than black and white? The answer is nothing, besides possibly red lipstick. This dress is from none other than my favorite thrift store, Savers. It astonishes me how people still belittle them, this dress is arguably brand new and originally from Forever21, such a unique piece.
   Geometric designs are very modern right now, seen in stores like American Apparel, Forever21, Urban Outfitters, and just in street style. A popular one is the grid design like the one on this dress. Graph paper has never looked so good!

 Of course you can really go with any shoe of choice for this look, but I think pairing a bright shoe such as these royal blue ones makes the outfit stand out. Adding color through shoes rather than accessories keeps the look simple but interesting. I’m staying in New York right now and am going to New York City tomorrow which is so exciting. I hope everyone has a lovely evening 💭

August 11, 2015

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