Imagine a world without music, a world without dancing, a world without billboards, or postcards or the little logo on dish detergent that makes you determined to buy it. Imagine a world without art, imagine a world without houses or parks, a world with movies or ads or books. Imagine a world without art, a world without clothes, without cars, without color. Imagine a world without art, you can’t. The only world completely void of art would be one in complete darkness. We need the artist. We need the art.

My absolute favorite thing (not really I’m horribly sarcastic) is when people look at art and say “well I could do that”. Well, guess what bud, you didn’t, you didn’t do it. Im sure you could paint a line on a canvas or a dot on a piece of wood, but would you EVER have the courage to slap your name on the product and sell it to the point where it could be nothing other than art? I think not. THAT is why the artist is courageous, that is why the artist is no different than the doctor, or scientist. But, I’m going off on a rant so here’s what I really came to talk about, making it.

By “making it” I most certainly don’t mean becoming famous, because I would not be the girl to talk to, I literally mean making it. A.k.a never stop creating, ever. Make your life for yourself. Sew, strum, photograph, or dance your way into a life that you’re proud of. The problem with art is, it’s all subjective. Make your first audience, your first supporter, yourself. As long as you love what you do, other people will come along and love it too.


If you happen to be in high school, at least my every lovely grade, and sports obsessed school, then seeing the light at the end of the tunnel can sometimes become challenging. Trust me I’ve considered being every job under the sun, but I always come back to art and wherever that may take me. High school sucks, a lot, because people will encourage you to do this or that, or take this AP class, or join this sports team and you feel pressured into doing it all. Honestly I’ve been pressured way more to take ridiculous amounts of AP classes more than I have been pressured to do drugs. But it sucks the most because three fourths or the school will attend sporting events while a small handful attends the school plays or concerts. But suburbia’s a dick and life will hold many, many more opportunities, at least I hope.

In order to “make it”, start making yourself, don’t care if people hate the way you dress, talk, or act. Because no one will hear about the person who always dressed like everyone else and couldn’t think for themselves. The best advice I can ever offer, and in all seriousness, is: be weird as hell. Create art that no one’s seen before, make people question you and make them want to know more about you.

The thing is, everyones an artist in their own right, never sell yourself as less. There’s an art to everything if you look at it in a different way. Start thinking of yourself as the artist and the creator. You’re not a cliche for liking a style or being influenced by someone who inspires you everyday. If you have an idea and are able to produce a product out of it, then you are in fact an artist.

Look around you, we need you, we need art, we need artists. The worst thing you can ever do is give up. Even if you have to fake it a little bit, you sure as hell are going to make it.

Start making something today.

May 8, 2016

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