Call it an identity crisis, or a mental breakdown, but my urge to throw my phone into the ocean is becoming all too strong. How fucking privileged of me. However, since I’ve got your attention by swearing in the mere second sentence, I want to talk about young creatives on the internet.

If you’re reading this, you probably have an Instagram. What is Instagram, well it’s this awesome platform for posting “stuff”. Well if you categorize yourself as an artist,  then the “stuff” you post on Instagram is most likely going to be your art. For me, this is photography and clothing. Well…what I, and many young artists, use Instagram as is a platform to get our “stuff” out there, to get followers, find jobs, and get interviews. Then there’s the few lucky one, the older artists, who found success without social media and now are able to use Instagram as a way to show off their “stuff” to pre-existing fans.

So here’s the dilemma I face and I know a lot of other people face: we feel like everything we make has to be the best, the most impactful, and the coolest art…constantly.

From boys to terrible eyebrow pencil applications, I have made my fair share of mistakes, but, at the end of the day, they have all taught me something. And with art, it’s the same way, we’re supposed to make mistakes. You’re supposed to take shitty pictures and sew ugly clothing. You’re supposed to paint portraits with eyes that are too far apart. And…guess what…it’s ok to take a break from social media, it’s ok not to post your work for a week…it’s ok to give yourself time to make mistakes, to make bad art.

Recently I’ve been taking a break from photography…I’m seeing other art…and that’s ok. Know when I decide to catch up with photography, I’ll love it more than I did before.

Although I wrote this due to my own personal situations, I’ve been noticing a lot of young artists act this way. It’s ok…fantastic even…to make shitty art. Just, one thing…never stop creating.

On that note: Pope Francis opened up a free laundromat for the homeless of Rome, think about how important clean clothes are the next time you’re dreading laundry day.


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April 13, 2017

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