The year is 2018 and I am wearing not one, but two pairs of shoulder pads.

Maybe I’m about to disgrace all that the fashion world has become, but I am not opposed to shoulder pads. In fact, most times I feel more powerful than dumb with them on.

The dress, is, as you can imagine, one of the first of the articles with a pair of shoulder pads. I bought this dress at a thrift store called Savers.

The belt I am wearing came off a jumpsuit from Savers

The purse! The purse! Is legitimately from the 80s. I purchased this at my all time favorite store: Nostalgia

For most of the day I was actually only wearing the red dress, until I stumbled upon this jacket at Grime, a super funky vintage store in Worcester, Massachusetts.

The jacket happened to match my outfit perfectly, down to the roses on my tights (which are from a very underground store called Target).

The jacket happens to have shoulder pads too! Which I refuse to take out! 2018 will be the year of the shoulder pad.

January 4, 2018

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