Before I begin I would like to tell the 8 people who bother to view my posts to check out Orion’s video interpretation of Michael Faudet’s “Dirty, Pretty Things” I have been falling deeply and madly in love with words lately, they are one of the most underrated forms of art. Not only do they create a story, but they create feeling, words arranged in such a way as if they become music without sound. I never found myself writing until quite recently, but I find it is very hard for me to open up about my emotions to people, so rather than talk I write. As a summer art project for my school I decided to construct a dress that represents who I am. This came accidentally while sitting in Starbucks, I had such a hard time coming up with an idea that I found the simplest solution, a creation of all I am passionate about in the form of a dress. It began as a mere dream, a joke almost, as I barely had two weeks to construct a dress. I have loved fashion and clothes all my life but my sewing ability only extends to sewing sock stuffed animals when I was younger and the simple skirt here and there. I constructed the original shape of the dress with muslin, although this is usually just used for patterns I used the muslin as my base fabric since I knew I would cover it. After many many mistakes I produced a muslin dress with wonky seams and a crooked zipper. I began to cover the fabric with two pieces of writing I have been working on. I would tear up the paper and attach it to the fabric with a mix of glue and water (a cheap version of Modge Podge)

   Covering the dress took the most time, but was by far the easiest part. The hardest was definitely sewing on the straps which are made of unused film strips, which are actually a representation of mistakes in my life. I purchased a broken film camera unknowingly. I created a criss cross pattern so it looked like I spent more time on the dress than I did.
   I could have finished off the dress here, but it needed color in my eyes. This is where I created a half circle skirt of sorts with picture “fringe”, constructed completely of muslin, film strips, and pictures I took this summer. I attached the skirt to the dress with Velcro. Lastly I added some film strips across the v-neck and I created an asymmetrical shoulder with triangle cut outs of paper.
Here are the final pictures, although it took some time I enjoyed creating this, it brought me outside my comfort zone of just taking pictures and having them printed at good old Walmart. Also check out my wattpad if you have the time it would mean the world.

-Never stop creating 💭

September 3, 2015

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