If I’m a sucker for anything, its got to be a unique pair of shoes.

I spent two weeks this summer in Florida. Florida, the fashion capital of the United States of America, was absolutely brimming with t-shirts to sports teams I’ll never know, as well as sweatpant-shorts.

Amidst the fashion revolution, I managed to find a great deal of gems, which is why, my dearest Florida, I apologize for the sarcasm.

In my last post, I mentioned a charity store called “Lighthouse Ministries”, there I found sparkly bell bottoms, two books I’ve never read, a plastic crystal ball, and THESE shoes:

If I could describe my fashion sense in one word it would be THESE SHOES!  Zodiac, a nineties brand, created shoes reminiscent of the seventies, I inserted an advertisement above.

Platform shoes are always my go-to, not only do they offer height, but also they are, scientifically proven, eight times more comfortable than heels.

In the winter I simply style platform shoes with a pair of socks. These black ones go slightly above my ankle, perfect for slouching down, a very nineties style.

The buttons on this dress certainly match the boldness of the shoes, I purchase this from S.M.C Dress and Trouser. And the jacket, as previously mentioned, is from Grime.

Looking for your own pair of Zodiacs? Etsy‘s got what you need.


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January 11, 2018

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