Something I don’t talk about too much is how I style my shoots, or that I style all my shoots. Honestly, this is a job I’d never like to give to someone else. From selling vintage at Unamused Apparel, to collecting vintage pieces, I’ve accumulated a lot of clothes, so I have an extensive, time period wardrobe to use in my images.

I don’t believe in expensive clothing, well I can’t really afford it, but for the time being I will say I don’t “believe” in it. Plus I find thrifting to be exhilarating, finding a good piece between pilling Juicy Couture sweatsuits is like winning the lottery.

Sometimes my pictures come from a place of personal struggle, or a need for social activism, however others are just funny and kitschy. Here’s one of those. A depiction of what I assume would be a couple of 70’s drug smugglers.


Parker Halliday

Chris Chieng

What was thrifted?:

Button-up shirt






On that note: Read! This! Book! “How to Ruin Everything-Essays” by George Watsky

July 4, 2017

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