Quite recently I’ve had a large epiphany in terms of animals and the way humans treat them, so today I will focus on cruelty in the makeup industry. I believe most of us know of the big brand companies that test on animals. Maybelline included. before I move on I must apologize for using their products in many of my posts. Since the money I use to buy my makeup comes from a job working with dogs, I began to realize it was hypocritical to support brands that test on animals. I am happy to say my makeup is now all 100% cruelty free.

“But going cruelty free is so hard.”

I do understand many people, especially makeup gurus, spent a lot of money on high end brands, such as Mac, that test on animals. If you truly cannot bring yourself to throw the products away, use up what you have first, then work on giving your money to cruelty free brands, in which there are MANY. A quick google search will point you towards hundreds of brands, but my best advice is always looking for a bunny on the back of the product you want to buy. Most cruelty free brands have a small bunny with a heart, a bunny in a circle, or some just simply say, “no animal testing”, or, “we <3 our animal friends”

Over the past month or so I’ve acquired a fair amount of drugstore and cruelty free products and even was surprised at how many cruelty free items I already had. Here’s a few:



Brands: Miss Jessie’s and Shea Moisture.


Miss Jessie’s- Although on the pricier side for a drugstore hair product, this brand is truly worth the hype. The ingredients are natural and leaves my curls looking soft. There’s no crunch or flakiness to the gel either. I definitely recommend to my fellow curly haired gals.

Shea Moisture-You can’t go wrong with Shea Moisture. My hair has never felt more soft with these revitalizing products. Shea Moisture also has a wonderful collection of face and body products as well, all natural, all cruelty free.



CF3 copy

Brands-Dirty Works, PiperWai, Bath and Body Works, Hard candy


Dirty Works-If any of you have a TJ Maxx around you I highly recommend checking out their beauty products, nearly every one is one sale. This hand cream was $3.00, it’s super thick and the packaging is adorable.

PiperWai-PiperWai is a smaller brand that actually went onto Shark Tank, products can be purchased online. This deodorant is different than any I’ve seen before. You scoop out the product and put it on your armpits, and let me tell you, this stuff WORKS.

Bath and Body Works-I was very pleased to find out that B&B is cruelty free. Honestly I have not been into that store since freshman year, but I happened to walk in and test out the perfume shown above. I can easily say this is my all time favorite sent, it’s fresh, clean, and stays on!

Hard Candy-The amount of Hard Candy products I’ve purchased recently is almost embarrassing, but these products are so cheap and very high quality. I love these lotions they have, since I’m very pale and didn’t want a spray tan for prom, I used the Sheer Glow lotion, it gives your skin a shimmery look while added just the smallest amount of color. You can find this brand in WalMart.




Brands-Hard Candy, Urban Decay


Hard Candy-I would not recommend Hard candy face products if you’re looking for extreme coverage. With that being said, Glamoflaugue concealer is the exception. This stuff is meant for covering tattoos, so you can imagine the coverage. I use this to conceal under my eyebrows and it works WONDERS. I do have a hard time with foundation in general, I feel like all drug store foundations are either too thick or too watery.

Urban Decay-I splurged a little last month on some makeup items, one being this setting spray. I cannot say my makeup lasts far longer than it used to, but I just love the feeling of  putting on setting spray, it provides a nice sense of security.


Face Extras


Brands-Hard Candy, ELF, NYX, Wet n Wild


Hard candy-This “face illuminator” is something I’ve never seen before. I use it as a highlight (works wonderfully), but the packaging says to put it all over your face for a little added sparkle.

ELF-What more can i say about this brand? For being as cheap as there are, their products are fantastic. This blush palette is very pigmented and I love the colors. The only thing I don’t use is the bronzer square as I’m not a huge fan of the color on my skin tone.

NYX-I would say I love the wonder stick, but I’m a little angry that Wet n Wild has the SAME product for around $4.00. If you’re thinking about being the wonder stick (carried at Target), I encourage you to first check out Wet n Wild (carried at Walmart and Walgreens)

Wet n Wild-I am super excited to show you guys this product. This “illuminating palette” is beyond pigmented as has the most beautiful sparkle With one swipe of a fan brush, you get all the color and all the pigment. best part? It was under $4.00!




Woah I apologize for the out of focus, my lens is ridiculously sensitive

Brands-Tarte, NYX, Natural eyeshadow palette


Tarte-I have been wanting this gel eyeliner for so long, and from what I can tell it’s worth the price. This is definitely a high end makeup brand I will go back to.

NYX-I have been using this NYX liquid liner for as long as I can count, one of my absolute favorites.

Eyeshadow palette-I apologize for not knowing the name of this brand, I picked it up at TJ Maxx. I just love the colors in this palette. The pigment is not the best, which I don’t mind because the palette was cheap, so I using spray a little water or setting spray onto the palette.




Brands-Burt’s Bees, Hard Candy, NYX


Burt’s Bees-You can’t go wrong with the brand. I was looking for a chapstick recently since all I owned were EOS and sadly enough, they test on animals. Plus, when you purchase Burt’s Bees products, wildflowers are planted to help bring back the bees.

Hard Candy-If I hadn’t been so honest in my reviews it would seem like I’m sponsored by this brand! One of my favorite of their products is their velvet mousse lip gloss. Unlike some matte lipsticks/ glosses, the consistency is smooth and leaves your lips feeling soft. I highly recommend if you’re on the lookout for a new matte lip.

NYX-You guys know I adore these lip glosses/ creams, again they are so soft and so pigmented. I believe these are around the same price as the velvet mousse lip glosses as well. You can find them at your local target


And that’s it! I find cruelty free brands to have much cuter packaging, are high quality, and best of all many have more natural products. Here is a list of great cruelty free brands. And there are still more than that! You’ll find it easier to find brands that don’t test on animals than ones that do. Which is some very very good news.





May 22, 2016

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