100% human labor, 100%  unsafe working conditions, 100% lies. Welcome to the fashion industry, a dirty business camouflaged by glamour and driven by the everyday, oblivious consumer, you and I included.

If our clothes could speak, what would they say? Would your embroidered crop top tell you the story of a mother who was forced to leave her home to work in some dilapidated building sewing clothes for people she’ll never meet? Does you circle skirt come with blood stains and sweat?  Does your coupon for 50% off a new bag, give back the months lost between families so they could make garments they’d never be able to afford? This is the true cost. This is the reality that a quick google search can’t even comprehend. Go ahead, type in “horrors of the fashion industry”, you’ll find endearing articles on an interns worst nightmare, or the long hours designers must work. Those aren’t horrors, those are luxuries.

And we can’t forget that nearly 80 billion items of clothing end up as waste each year.

Today I have a collection of pictures to share that was inspired by these stories:
fashionkillsC fashionkills1fashionkillsB fashionkills5 fashionkillsF killerfashion4

What can you do?

Watch the documentary ‘The True Cost’, find out what you’re really buying the next time you go to the mall.

Find made in America clothing stores to shop at (or wherever you may live).

Shop at thrift stores, not only are you recycling clothes, therefore helping to minimize waste as well as preventing your wardrobe from being made through human labor.

August 18, 2016

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