warning: the images below may be disturbing to some viewers, look at your own risk

 So this is pretty embarrassing, but I’m already embarrassing myself enough by having a blog, so here are my eyebrows in their natural state. Sadly I didn’t know eyebrows were important until last year, as a sophomore in high school. I was born with very light, thin hair, which happened to turn almost black as I got older hence why I have about 2 eyebrow hairs. Also ignore the towel on my head, doing my hair is a whole other story.

 Luckily a gal named Anastasia (Beverly Hills) saved the day, in the eyebrow gel shade of Chocolate, to be exact. The only tools I use are the Ecotools angled eyebrow brush and spool. I do pluck my eyebrows on the occasion, the key word here being occasion as we all can tell they’re horrible.
 I brush my eyebrows up and then across with the spool brush, which leaves me with the outcome shown above, aka the same thing as I started with. I also do not have two different colored eyes I just edit the heck out of my pictures because, well, I’m a little bit disgusting.

 Next I take my angled brush and start with the bottom of my eyebrows, unless you’re in the Great Gatsby I would not recommend stopping at this step.

 Wow look at that I’m starting to actually look like a 2015 teenager with angled eyebrows who probably (definitely) shops at Urban Outfitters. Anyways, I then go and draw on the top of my eyebrow with an exaggerated angle (you can make this sharper or smoother to your liking) after that’s done I end it with a small point and then fill in the rest, I keep the front of the eyebrows pretty much free of gel for the time being, creating almost an ombré affect.

 Then I lightly finish off the front of the brows, making sure not to add too much gel as I’m going for more of a natural look, not an “I just got my eyebrows tattooed on my face” look.

 Today I decided to finish off the look with my two favorite NYX products for highlighting under the brows. The one on the left is a highlighter/eyebrow pencil duo. I only use the highlighter as it is very smooth and I prefer gel over a pencil. The product on the left is my number one concealer, the NYX Wonder Pencil, I use this to highlight directly under my eyebrows and cover up any stray hairs, well my entire eyebrow is just one big stray hair, but you know what I mean.

 Here’s a little before and after, this is the reason why I owe my entire life to Anastasia.

August 26, 2015

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