an ALL t.h.r.i.f.t.e.d lookbook

I’ve gotten to the much-desired point of my life where my wardrobe consists of almost all thrifted pieces.

Although my wallet plays a role in my current wardrobe, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel proud to wear these clothes.

Fast fashion has been exponentially discussed over the past couple years, however, it’s still easy to get caught up in the rush of trends and the high demand for them. As back to school time rolls around, I find myself in more malls and retail stores than I normally would be found in.

Recently I went to Boston with my friend who’s heading off to New York in a couple days for college. We decided to head into Primark. Normally I’m overwhelmed by their trendy styles and low prices, but this day I was feeling guilty just standing in there.

I racked my brain for things I may need – maybe a new top or two. I could use another pair of sneakers. As I combed through the aisles and contemplated a few sneaker choices, my guilt grew. “I know this is fast fashion”, I thought to myself. I also knew that buying these items would leave me feeling unsatisfied.

This feeling of guilt and utter un-satisfaction from fast fashion has led me to make a pledge to myself: transform your wardrobe into a thrifted haven, a land where fast fashion goes to die. As I start my first year of college, I’m sure my wallet will be thanking me as well. I encourage you to shop small, shop local, shop thrifted, and shop vintage. Not only will you have a clothing collection like no other, you will be able to afford so many pieces you’ll have outfits for a whole year.

Well, the day following my Primark exhibition (of which I purchased nothing) my sister and I headed on a late night thrifted mission.  Here are the outfits I crafted (with a few pieces I already had) where I dress however the FUCK I want:

look #1

Look #2
Look #3
Look #4


August 27, 2017

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