A step by step guide to creating a positive, kick-ass, powerful attitude:

Wear whatever you want, whenever you you want, wherever you want: 

Luckily I have finally escaped the hell that is middle-class suburban public schools, aka a lot of boring dressers who have nothing better to do than laugh at one’s choice in clothing. But seriously, around my sophomore year of high school I just disregarded any negative comments anyone had to say about my clothing. And guess what, it worked. Had I listened to those people maybe I wouldn’t be here writing about fashion at all.

Clothing is supposed to be an expression of who you are so embrace yourself, dress yourself up, show yourself off. Make yourself look like the powerful person you are; so powerful, no one will want to fuck with you!

Speak up when necessary:

Nothing’s worse than feeling like you have to bite your tongue for fear of being ridiculed or judged for what you’re about to say. However, if you have evidence to back up your claim, and you’re coming from a place where your voice needs to be heard, then say what you have to say! Once you speak up you’ll be so glad you did, and your confidence may give someone else confidence. Even if no one in the room shares the same opinion as you do, that doesn’t mean you’re wrong, it only means your voice should be louder. Unless, of course, it’s to defend Trump, in which case,  as copious amounts of evidence show, you are wrong.

Create to inspire, create to create:

As I grow as a photographer I’m always trying to find a healthy balance between  having fun and speaking out. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, art is fundamental to spread ideas and convey important messages. Make art that inspires; even if it’s one person you inspire  or a million, if you have any sort of audience, make sure what you create leaves an impact. This impact could be something as simple as inspiring someone to make their own art. And of course have fun, push some boundaries, and make art that is unapologetic in every form. Everybody benefits from creating once in a while, even if it’s just coloring in a coloring book.

Find the good in the everyday: 

The best way to maintain an optimistic outlook on life is learning to find the good in every situation, even in the bad. Let’s be real, some days are just shit; everything’s-going-wrong, nothing-will-ever-be-right-again days. Even on the worst days though, there has to be one little, tiny thing that goes right. Look for those things, and if you can’t make your own day better, maybe you can turn it around by making someone else’s day better, even if it’s complimenting the Starbuck’s barista’s makeup, or waving to your neighbor. And you’ll come to find out that bad days don’t last forever.

Don’t let anyone’s negatives opinions get to you…TOO much: 

This one is much easier said than done, however as I get older I’ve been realizing that it’s a big fat waste of time to worry about what other people think of you. Try your best to focus on bettering yourself than weighing in on rumors, drama, and what have you. Seriously girl, you don’t have time for that lie so-and-so said about you. You’re on your way to much better things…trust me.

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June 16, 2017

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