Welcome to Unamused Apparel

Looks like I’ve been pretty absent from Thrifts and Prints, apparently school works on their time and not mine…so rude. Before I go on let’s get onto what i’m really here to talk about. Today, I bring to you, a super cool super new clothing line (from a very bias source), Unamused Apparel. My twin…

Mom Jeans

A Step By Step Guide To Crafting Your Very Own Mom Jeans Step one: Purchase a pair of high waisted, straight leg, mom jeans. A fantastic place to look is your local thrift store Step two: Try the jeans on, make sure they have just the right mix of bagginess and fit around the waist….

Create Yours

Shoes: Ego Boots Official Skirt: Handmade Top: Handmade (That’s no secret though)          

“I know it’s absurd, to be unDRESSED by a word”-Michael Faudet

Before I begin I would like to tell the 8 people who bother to view my posts to check out Orion’s video interpretation of Michael Faudet’s “Dirty, Pretty Things” http://youtu.be/JnkSJ8d4HKA I have been falling deeply and madly in love with words lately, they are one of the most underrated forms of art. Not only do…

Read Between the Lines

This is a handmade skirt that I created for a final school project (I’m still in highschool sadly) I made this out the pages of a little women book and the colored pictures you see along the top are out of an old McCall’s magazine which has been laying in my garage for years. The…