Here it is. The familiar, horrible feeling of waking up at 6:00am. Going back to school doesn’t have to be horrible if you don’t want it to be. Look forward to little accomplishments in the morning. For me, makeup is my motivation for waking up. The earlier I wake up, the more time I have to complete a look. This has been the year of crazy, out of the box makeup looks. From colored contours to blinding highlights, we’re in, pretty much, a makeup revolution. However these looks may be a little complex to recreate when you have limited time to get ready. Below I have photographed four different products that will add a much needed pop to your look and leave you with enough time to cry…or whatever you’d like.

NYX Intense Butter Gloss 


Lipstick or gloss, is one of the easiest ways to add color to your looks. I usually put on some sort of lip product everyday, so why not make it fun? NYX intense butter glosses come in a range of colors from purple to orange. I chose this bright peachy color, as it’s easy to match with neutral eyeshadows etc, but it’s still bright enough to make your look pop. I’m not a huge fan of glosses, but with the whole liquid lipstick trend everyone and their mother has dry lips. Wearing a gloss or regular lipstick to school will be much more comfortable. colorbtsF

NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliner 


Another super easy and fun way to add color to your look, is colored eyeliner. For this look in particular I started with a black wing and added a line of pink to the top of it. I love the applicator on this eyeliner as it’s small and easy to do detail work. You could also go for a full wing with just colored liner, which I will talk about later on. Colored liners are very accessible right now. For the fall an emerald-green or gold would match perfectly with the neutrals of the season .  (Ignore the stray hairs, my eyebrows need a little TLC)


Other Favorite Products 


This Wet N Wild eyeliner is another option when looking for colored eyeliner. The applicator in this liner is a felt tip and a little harder to work with, which is why I’d use it as my normal eyeliner. for a more interesting look, add a sharp line of black to the top.

Running late? A super simple way to add color is with a mascara. I was definitely drawn to this lavender color, which would add an interesting pop to a classic winged eyeliner look. This can be worn on your top or bottom lashes, as the applicator is small.

Good luck to all who are going back to school!



August 29, 2016

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